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Not all of our members have elected to list their practices on this site. Some of our members are students or trainees and are not currently in private practice.

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  • Luca (Zoe) Bartlett, Registered Associate MFT

  • AMFT | 109749
  • Dr. Sheila Addison | 49616 (if applicable)
  • Contact Information

  • 195 41st Street P.O Box #11071 Oakland, California 94612
  • (510) 369-2457
  • About Luca (Zoe) Bartlett Registered Associate MFT

  • ADD/ADHD, Adolescents, Anxiety/Panic, BDSM/Kink, Creativity, Grief and Loss, Immigration/Acculturation, LGBQIA, Mens Concerns, Polyamory and Alt Relationship Configurations, Trans and Gender Nonconforming, Trauma/PTSD, Womens Concerns
  • English
  • Sliding Scale / Low Fee
  • Experiential/Somatic Therapy, Expressive Arts, Family Therapy, Feminist, Mindfulness, Psychoanalytic
  • Private Pay
  • Non-Binary, Trans
  • Chinese, White/European American
  • I work with clients who experience barriers to being themselves out in the world and struggle with a sense of belonging—in their own bodies & minds, and with others. They received the message loud and clear that certain parts of their lives are not welcome, that they’ll always be the odd one out, the outsider. These messages may have come from families, friends, peers, and oppressive systems informed by white supremacy. My clients move through the world like skillful chameleons. They have an intimate knowledge of which parts of themselves to show, and when, and to whom, and from whom.

    I help folks explore the ways that their pain is connected to, and informed by, this chameleon, shape-shifting work. Sometimes this is a big part of our therapy. Sometimes it’s an important part of the experience to hold while we focus on things like life transitions, grief and loss, relationship changes, perfectionism, and anxiety. However it goes, our therapy is a place where clients can arrive at a more compassionate, empowered, and aligned sense of self.

    My clients tend to be people who live outside of the binary, including LGBQIA+ folks, gender diverse folks, multi-racial people of color, creatives, and daydreamers. I see individual adults (usually 18-late 30s) and adolescents (13-17) with their families. I also work with caregivers who are looking for support with processing the experiences of their trans and non-binary kids.