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San Francisco Bay Area psychotherapists and psychotherapy students who affirm that sexual, relational and gender diversity are natural expressions of the human experience.

About Bay Area Open Minds

Our Mission

Our organization’s mission is to provide a safe haven for mental health clinicians to gather, network, support, and consult. The specific objectives and purposes of the organization are:

(a)   To support licensed and pre-licensed mental health clinicians, including psychotherapists and psychotherapy students, within the regional area who welcome and provide therapeutic services to LGBTQIA populations, sexual minorities, people across the gender spectrum, and those who engage in consensual sexual behaviors such as, but not limited to, kink practices, sex work professions, and consensual nonmonogamy or polyamory. This support includes professional camaraderie as well as an online therapist directory where the public can search for providers.

(b)  To provide venues and platforms for mental health clinicians and students to gather, network, support, and consult regarding said populations.

(c)   To welcome and provide mentorship to mental health professionals and students seeking to work affirmatively and responsibly with said populations.

(d)  To provide presentations and consultations to clinical and general public audiences for the purposes of education about gender and sexual diversity.

 (e) To work with community organizations that share population focus and values via outreach and collaboration.

 (f) To hold sexual and gender diversity within an intersectional lens, acknowledging how systems of oppression affect member and client populations unique to their race, age, ability, national origin, religion, and socioeconomic experience.

Bay Area Open Minds was founded on the values of antiracism, equity, and inclusion. Therefore an ethic of intersectional awareness is central to the work of the organization so that the stated objectives may better serve the professional and client communities. The organization is committed to regular review of its mission, shifting as needed to better serve the San Francisco Bay Area community throughout changing times and to more accurately represent the diverse experiences, views, needs and beliefs of organization members. 

About Bay Area Open Minds

We provide a safe haven for mental health clinicians to gather, network, support, and consult.

Our organization was founded on the values of antiracism, equity, and inclusion. 

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