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  • Alexandra Jamali, LCSW

  • LCSW | 71159
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  • 3867 Howe Street Oakland, California 94611
  • (510) 859-8854
  • About Alexandra Jamali LCSW

  • ACA/Codependency, Alternative Sexuality & Lifestyle, Anxiety/Panic, Couples/Relationship Counseling, Creativity, Depression, Fertility/Infertility, Grief & Loss, LGBQIA, Men's Concerns, Polyamory & Alt. Relationship Configurations, Race/Ethnicity and Culture, Spirituality, Trans and Gender Non-conforming, Trauma/PTSD, Women's Concerns
  • English
  • Supervision/Consultation
  • Feminist, Mindfulness
  • Cisgender Female
  • White/European American, Asian (Other)
  • I hold that there are many complex and unique reasons why people may want to begin therapy. In my practice, I work with people who are experiencing relationships difficulties, stressful transitions, and are struggling with a general sense of dissatisfaction with how they live their lives. At times these feelings are situational, linked to issues with one’s current social and professional environment. At other times, feelings may be connected to deeper, unresolved experiences. Whether struggling in relationships, going through an adjustment, or realizing that things have been off for awhile, therapy is a place where you can get some support as well as understanding.

    In our work together, whether individually or in a couple, you will get a sense that I am really trying to understand you and your experience by listening deeply, openly, with care and curiosity. My style is collaborative, interactive, warm and pragmatic. I work using a relational- psychodynamic lens meaning, as we tend to the problems of the here-and-now, we may also make links with your previous experiences to untangle some underlining issues and barriers.

    I obtained my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago and my Master's of Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work. I completed a Post-MSW Fellowship at UC-Berkeley, and received advance training in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy at The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, California. I am also an educator. I have taught classes on psychoanalytic theory at Mills College, The Psychotherapy Institute and California Institute for Integral Studies. I have experience working with people from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences and relationship configurations. A sub-specialty of mine is working with mixed-race and multi-heritage individuals and couples. In my clinical work, I bring consideration of the socio-cultural surround, finding that this often deepens an understanding of your emotional experience. From my years of working in this field, I hold a firm belief that therapy can open up new ways of being that lead to lasting and meaningful change.