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  • Kelifern Pomeranz, Psy.D.

  • Clinical Psychologist | PSY 28681
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  • Contact Information

  • 825 Oak Grove Avenue, C-503 Menlo Park, California 94025
  • (310) 405-1540
  • About Kelifern Pomeranz Psy.D.

  • Alternative Sexuality and Lifestyle, Anxiety/Panic, BDSM/Kink, Body Size Diversity, Couples/Relationship Counseling, Depression, Fertility/Infertility, Fetishism, Grief and Loss, LGBQIA, Mens Concerns, Race/Ethnicity and Culture, Sexual Dysfunction, Substance Use/Abuse/Addiction, Trans and Gender Nonconforming, Trauma/PTSD, Womens Concerns
  • English
  • CBT, Feminist, Mindfulness, Sex Therapy
  • Out-of-Network
  • Cisgender Female
  • Jewish, White/European American
  • My name is Kelifern Pomeranz and I am a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, and Relationship Expert providing therapy in California and Massachusetts.

    My practice embraces those who are "conventional" and "unconventional" (LGBTQ, poly, kink, furry, zoo, nerd, geek, mystical...). I will help you rediscover lost parts of yourself and guide you towards living the most awesome, authentic, and sexually-fulfilling life possible, free of shame, guilt, & conflict.

    I am sex-positive and specialize in therapy that is inclusive of alternative relationships and erotic minorities. Areas of expertise include intimate relationships, pleasure, desire discrepancies, difficulties with orgasm/erections, sexual pain/discomfort, gender/sexual exploration, alternative sexualities/lifestyles, sex/pornography "addiction," and sexual trauma.

    In addition to being a certified sex therapist, I am also a generalist who works with depression, anxiety, substance misuse, stress management, relationship distress, work difficulties, and life transitions.