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Bay Area Open Minds Board Members

President: Keely Kolmes, Psy. D.

Co-presidents elect: Diana Gordon & Penny Fellbrich

Secretary: Kirsten Beuthin, MFT

Treasurer: Diana Gordon, Psy. D.

Membership: Myles Downes, MFT

Meeting Coordinator

Speakers Bureau: Christopher Corey, MA

Volunteer Coordinators: Sky Ellen Beaber, Ph. D.

Marketing & Outreach: Vera Fleischer, MFT

Social Coordinator: Amber Mercader, AMFT

Professional Development Coordinator: Denise Renye, Psy. D.

Research: Cynthia Hoffman, MFT

Webmaster: Nick Venegoni, MFT


  • Akhila Kolesear, Ph. D.
  • Jackie Lambe, Psy. D.
  • Lilly Prichard, AMFT