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Bay Area Open Minds Board Members

President: Penny Fellbrich, LMFT
Elects: Akhila Kolesar, Ph. D. & Anna McDonald, LMFT

Secretary: Ivy Tiegel, LMFT

Treasurer: Stephanie Lay, AMFT

Membership Coordinator: Rosa Reinikainen, LMFT

Marketing and Outreach: Megan Jacoby, LMFT

Social Coordinator: Becca Levy, AMFT

Social Media Coordinator: Stephanie Lay, AMFT

Speakers Bureau

Professional Development Coordinator: Anna McDonald, LMFT
Elect: Deva Segal, LMFT

Research Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator: Skyellen Beaber, Ph. D.

Webmaster: Joe Zarate-Sanderlin, LMFT


  • Akhila Kolesar, Ph. D.
  • Jackie Lambe, Psy. D.
  • Lilly Pritchard, LMFT


  • Lindsey Brooks, Psy D.
  • Beverly Ellison, LCSW
  • Noelle Clason, LMFT