Solidarity Statement

Open Minds would like to join other organizations, groups, and individuals who are expressing their concerns about the social injustices which have infected our communities. Most recently, we are grieving the premature deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and other people of color who have died from excessive force by law enforcement.

As mental health professionals who regularly work with issues of inequality and systemic oppression, we understand the grief, frustration, and rage that are being experienced by many at this time. We support nonviolent protests of these deaths. We also urge clinicians to learn more about institutionalized racism and we are committed to standing up for the eradication of racism and the damage it creates. Open Minds, in particular, is an organization that works to counteract the historical and present day harm done by pathologizing diagnoses, stigma, and invisibility. Fighting racial injustice as an obvious extension of the work that we do.

We thank Myles Downes and Gaylesta for their Solidarity Statement which nudged Open Minds to follow suit.

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