Spotlight On: A twice monthly series featuring our members!

Let us introduce you to Victoria Spiers, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist.


Hi, I’m Vicky Spiers.

Influenced and impassioned by feminist, queer, multicultural, and social justice theory and principles, I am body-positive, sex-positive, and queer, kink, & poly friendly. I identify as a queer, genderfluid, pan, kinky, fattie, radical, witchy warrior woman of color.

Specializations include (but aren’t limited to): anxiety/panic/social anxiety/shyness/sensitivity, queer/gender/racial/cultural identity, female-identified sexuality & experiences, negotiating liminal spaces, and grief/loss/endings.

I am especially drawn to working with people who identify as queer, alternative, different, weird, and/or rebellious.

Learn more about Vicky and her practice here.