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Not all of our members have elected to list their practices on this site. Some of our members are students or trainees and are not currently in private practice.

All of the mental health professionals listed below claim to carry the principles of Open Minds into their work. All of our members have also agreed to abide by the ethical guidelines of our respective disciplines.

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  • Breanne Rising, Registered Associate MFT

  • AMFT | 110819
  • Mary Beth Reticker | MFT, 33876 (if applicable)
  • Contact Information

  • 236 W Portal Ave. #408 San Francisco, California 94127
  • 78-060 Calle Estado, Suite 8 La Quinta, CA 92253
  • (510) 826-3359
  • About Breanne Rising Registered Associate MFT

  • Alternative Sexuality and Lifestyle, Anxiety/Panic, Couples/Relationship Counseling, Depression, Fertility/Infertility, LGBQIA, Parenting, Trans and Gender Nonconforming, Violence/Abuse, Womens Concerns
  • English
  • ADA Accessible Office, Sliding Scale / Low Fee
  • CBT, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Feminist, Mindfulness
  • Cisgender Female
  • White/European American
  • Relationships are important, whatever form they come in. We are meant to be connected with others. In relationships we can find love, support, kindness, and safety. Sometimes challenges arise when there are shifts in our relationships, such as a negotiation of new terms, dynamics, or expectations. With some support, conflict can be an opportunity for closeness and healing.

    My experience highlights work with adults, partners, queer folks, and people who view themselves as creative thinkers. The people I work with are resilient, thoughtful and intuitive. I have experience working with issues related to relationships, trauma, anxiety, life transitions, and identity exploration. I offer a combination of talk therapy and practical skills to individuals and partners. I’m humbled by the opportunity to hold space with you.

    My style is authentic, nonjudgmental, and open-hearted. I bring my personality with me – I am down to earth, playful, creative, and honest. I am gentle and direct with my communication. I aim to help partners and individuals connect with their strengths, reflect, and identify what is important to them. When people struggle, some do not feel heard or understood, while others might feel overwhelmed and need space. Working with me can help you recognize patterns and learn to communicate needs, goals, and passions in new ways. I offer a supportive space where you can gain an outside perspective and be seen and heard. All of you is welcome here. I draw from relational and humanistic theories, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy.

    Our identities have a major impact on our experience in the world. I value using an intersectional lens and transparency around sharing my own identities, including: queer, cisgender, femme, white, parent, and wife. I welcome exploring how our identities may interact and influence our work.