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  • Asha Bauer, Psy.D.

  • Psychologist | PSY29630
  • | (if applicable)
  • Contact Information

  • 870 Market Street San Francisco, California 94102
  • (415) 935-0107
  • About Asha Bauer Psy.D.

  • Adult Performers, Alternative Sexuality and Lifestyle, Anxiety/Panic, BDSM/Kink, Polyamory and Alt Relationship Configurations, Sex Work, Trauma/PTSD, Womens Concerns
  • English
  • CBT, DBT, Experiential/Somatic Therapy, Mindfulness
  • Out of Network
  • Cisgender Female
  • White/European American
  • As a licensed psychologist, I am passionate about helping people overcome fears and live full and meaningful lives, aligned with their deepest values. The fears we work with may be internal, such as traumatic or painful memories, or external, such as fears of people, places, things, relationships, or situations. I provide evidence-based services that draw from cutting edge research, and my approach is highly collaborative, individualized, and time-efficient, so you can make the most of every session. Some of the approaches I utilize are mindfulness training, behavioral techniques, yoga, and virtual-reality enhanced interventions. I provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space to explore issues of intimacy and sexuality. I offer services both online (video-based therapy) and in person.